My Telescope equipment includes:

  • Binoculars 8x30 (Carl Zeiss Jena), 10x50 (Pentax), and 15x80 (Steiner)
    For visual observations, even the smallest binoculars is suited. In general, I wide yet undisturbed field of view is helpful in order to have all comparison stars within the field.
  • Quelle Revue refractor 60/700 mm, alt-az
  • Vixen Newton New Polaris R114S
    The original 114/900 mm Newtonian optics of this instrument has a major vignetting due to its too small secondary mirror, which makes it unfavorable for visual variable stars observations. However, the Vixen New Polaris mount is nice. It is amazingly precise and stable for its size and prize. Since a Dec. motor is missing, it is a little tricky to find and center the selected star. Therefore, I tried it in combination with a 102/500 mm refractor, and I found it possible to use it with my small chip CCD camera.
  • Meade 8" LX200GPS
    The Meade LX200 is generally well suited for CCD observations of variable stars. I tried both the alt-az and the equatorial modes. Modern photometry software such as Muniwin is able to stack images, even if they show field rotation over three or more hours. The GPS is useful, although not necessary to achieve good alignment. In many cases, the manual alignment is faster. The high precision mode is always very helpful to bring the variable star in the CCD field.
  • Skywatcher refractor 102/500 on Celestron CAM