In 2006, I started with CCD observations. Even at that time, the SIGMA402 by Astroelektronik Fischer (Germany) was an affordable and, as I know by now, reliable and easy-to-use camera. I tried it on several different telescopes and it always delivered high quality image series.

In my first series, I did not use any filters in order to obtain short exposition times. Meanwhile I learned that too short expositions are not advantageous. Rather, I now use filters always to being able to use 30 to 90 second expositions. This greatly reduces noise caused by seeing. Also, scientific photoelectric measurements in principle require usage of defined color filters.

In 2010, I added a Lodestar camera by Starlight Xpress (UK) to my equipment in order to try auto-guiding with my 8 inch LX200GPS. Soon after having purchased the LX200GPS and the SIGMA402, I realized the rather large periodic error of this mount. Since I were not able to establish the PEC, I finally decided to try auto-guiding, and this works quite well and simple.